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Choose The Right Q&A Platform

How to select the best Q&A platform

Looking for an anonymous, safe, justly moderated Q&A platform that gives you the information you are looking for? Throw™ is here to deliver answers to your most pressing questions.

We think the best Q&A platforms protect its users and make them feel safe and comfortable asking even embarrassing or difficult questions. That’s what makes Throw™ different from other question answer platforms out there:

  1. We never use bots
  2. We don’t allow bullies to engage in the platform
  3. We keep the identity of all our users private and protected 

So, whether you have a question about your relationship or a question about how to ask your boss for a raise, Throw™ is here to help. 

Finally — A Q&A Platform For Humans, By Humans

Our answers don’t come from a computer – they come from real people who are part of our Throw™ community. The platform is also moderated by the same community of humans who are there to make sure everyone is respectful and helpful. Any bullying or offensive content will be reported. Repeat offenders will be banned from our platform, because at Throw™, there isn’t space for disrespect. 

The difference is easy to see:

Asking a question to another Q&A platform is likely to get you answers that aren’t relevant, are too broad, or invite cyberbullying instead of honest responses.

Asking a questions in Throw™ invites real people with real answers to respond – and they are going to protect your security and provide only honest, helpful answers.

What Questions Do You Want to Ask?

What questions have you had bad luck getting the right answers to? 

How to propose to your girlfriend? How long you should wait before texting or calling after a first date? What about how to help a friend through a difficult time? Or tips for getting your child to go to sleep at night?

If you have a question you’d like to get a real response to, Throw™ is the place to be. 

We welcome you to the best Q&A platform out there, in our humble opinion. We look forward to your first question, and can’t wait to find answers for you.

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