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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Great–But What About Human Sensibility? 

We live in a time where the term "artificial intelligence" (AI) is thrown around in multiple capacities in our everyday life. Over the last several years, artificial intelligence systems have been created to perform human-like tasks, forever changing the way we work and interact. AI systems have produced amazing works of poetry, images, music, speech recognition programs, self-driving cars, and more. AI technology can even play a critical role with scientific and medical teams, diagnosing medical conditions more accurately than doctors did, according to an article in Forbes. 

But with all the good of technology and online platforms influenced by AI capabilities, what are we missing out on? Many believe that no matter how “smart” AI development becomes, it can never replicate human intelligence and human behavior—from the ability to reason ethically and discern nuance in human language to understanding cause and effect, artificial intelligence can't compete with real-life intelligent beings.


Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence in Technology 

The term artificial intelligence means exactly what it sounds like—an artificial simulation of human intelligence by machines, most commonly computer systems. The technological advancement of these computer systems dates back to the 1960s, and it involves programming technology to solve problems. 

AI systems are often seen in applications such as customer service functions, chatbots for online orders, streaming services, the healthcare industry, educational tools, and shipping services. 

Artificial Intelligence: Can AI Systems and Machine Learning Compete With the Human Mind?

Hollywood regularly depicts the possibility of AI systems taking over the world—and yes, it is a real possibility. It is possible to develop machines to operate without human interference at all, and they can eventually (if not already) surpass human intelligence in some ways. 

However, machine intelligence cannot fully replicate human brain functioning—AI systems consistently miss key components of ethical reasoning, using “common sense,” adapting on the fly, and understanding cause and effect, according to Forbes. These shortcomings leave the door open for mistakes, which in turn leads to unhappy customers and loss of revenue in business applications. According to InfoWorld, 85% of AI technology and machine learning projects fail to deliver the intended results.

Technology Should Support, Not Replace a Human Being

The answer to artificial intelligence shortcomings lies with technology that enhances how we interact as real humans. AI technology can’t simulate the social connection real humans generate in social media platforms, Q&A queries, verified platforms, and communities designed for a positive experience. But Throw™ can encompass all of this—making it the ideal place for human intelligence and, most importantly, human interaction.

Throw Mobile App: We Are Proudly Powered by Human Intelligence

Throw™ uses cutting-edge technology to enhance creativity and add that unique human touch, but it doesn’t replace it. Here are some of the ways Throw™ adds value to the human experience:

  • Throw™ is a unique question-and-answer query where content is moderated by users themselves for an enjoyable experience.

  • There are zero interactions with Chat GTP or any other AI tools. 

  • There are no AI generated answers–only real answers from real humans.

  • Throw™ never uses bots, which would contaminate the authentic, positive, real community living on Throw™.

  • Unlike Twitter, Throw™ is an anti social media platform designed to be a safe, comfortable, and anonymous place to ask and answer questions.

An AI system has its benefits, but it should not take the place of an actual human being—and it doesn’t on Throw™! Our creators are real human beings who believe we should communicate with each other—not with machines. Yes, AI development is important, but AI systems should never take the place of real humans. Throw™ uses technology to enhance creativity and offer that unique human touch, not replace it. 

Download Throw™ today to experience the genuine, authentic human experience. Let us show you what Throw™ can do for you. 

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