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Ask An Expert — Get Anonymous Expert Advice Online

At Throw™, we are huge proponents of asking anything — we believe nothing good ever comes from keeping your curiosity to yourself. 

The more you ask, the more you know. 

Knowledge is POWER, and we’re here to help you become the best version of yourself with access to unlimited knowledge. 

But why ask anyone when you could ask an expert?

The Benefit of Expert Insight 

The power of specialized knowledge lies in the depth and expertise of a particular field or subject. When individuals acquire this specialized knowledge and become experts in a specific area, they can offer significant contributions, solve complex problems, and excel beyond a typical realm of information held by a generalist in several critical ways: 

  1. Problem-Solve
    One major benefit of expert insight is the ability of an expert to problem-solve. Specialized knowledge enables individuals to tackle intricate problems within their domain and to analyze and address complex issues.

  2. In-Depth Understanding
    Expert opinions also provide a unique, in-depth understanding of specific areas that allow for identifying gaps, proposing creative solutions, and contributing to advancements in that area.

  3. Reliable Information
    Expert insight can provide a reputable, reliable way to get your questions answered and make decisions on how to react based on that information.

Experts on the Internet 

Today’s online users can instantly access diverse perspectives on virtually any topic in seconds. From science to art, philosophy to technology, the Internet is overflowing with information and opinions just waiting to reach your search engine. 

However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that more content and access do not necessarily mean more reliable information. It’s easy to argue (and often prove) that the Internet has also fostered an environment of manufactured misinformation and intentional lies. 

As a result, accessing real experts becomes essential for tapping into a source of impactful, truth. When seeking answers, turning to an expert helps eliminate skepticism about the answers given — it’s the added confidence we need to know with certainty that the information provided can be verified.

Get Your Expert Advice on Throw™

Once you’ve recognized the importance of getting expert advice from a reliable source, identifying that source is crucial. 

Throw™ provides a safe, anonymous, and around-the-clock space to ask questions to experts. 

A variety of experts can be found on the platform, including experts in the fields of:

  • Education
  • Mental Health  
  • Tech & Startups
  • Data & Security 
  • Cryptocurrency & Investing 
  • Parenting …& more! 

Ask an expert on Throw™ by downloading the app, completing your profile [NOTE we should create a how-to blog on completing profiles in the app], and Throw™ing out a question. The community of experts on the platform will jump in to answer your questions and provide honest (always positive) and helpful feedback and advice. Decision-making and troubleshooting shouldn’t be something you tackle blindly. Ask an expert to elevate any stress and hesitation you’re facing.

Accessible, Convenient Advice 

Spending time chasing down advice is often almost as frustrating as wrestling with the question itself. Finding a platform for reliable and consistently available advice can make a huge difference in your mental health and confidence. A platform like Throw™ offers around-the-clock access to user insight, experts available on a variety of diverse topics, and the knowledge that you will not receive offensive or unhelpful feedback keeps users engaged and encouraged. 

Additionally, having an online platform at your fingertips reduces the stress and burden of any questions you may be hesitant to ask people in your network. Rather than wondering without asking or waiting to talk to an in-person expert (such as a professor or doctor,) turning to an online community offers fast, convenient access so you never have to live in fear. 

Ask anything — anytime! 

Why? Because life happens. 

While sometimes in-person communication is preferable and a question can wait, the reality is that isn’t always the case. Questions can feel more stressful the longer you sit with them, but coordinating time on someone else’s schedule can be both unpredictable and overwhelming. 

Throw™ offers the opportunity for you to ask as soon as you start wondering “What/When/How?”. The accessibility of Throw™ is unmatched when seeking expert advice. Responses can even be as quick as minutes!

Anonymous Expert Advice 

Another benefit to Throw™’s online question-and-answer platform is the anonymity associated with asking Throw™. 

Even asking experts or trusted professionals can feel intimidating sometimes. Throw™ is always anonymous, providing you the privacy to ask anything without fear of judgment or embarrassment. 

In our experience, anonymity fosters open and honest communication between users. Anonymity allows our users to feel free and comfortable throughout each question and dialogue online. 

Consider a question about mental health. Maybe you are experiencing overwhelming intrusive thoughts that are making you feel increasingly alone. You want to ask someone but you are nervous that someone you work with may see your question posted online and judge that you can’t perform your job correctly. If you ask a friend or partner, they might place pressure on you out of concern that will make what you are feeling even heavier. 

Maybe you have a therapist and want to ask them but you don’t have any appointment for a few more weeks.

This would be the perfect question to ask Throw™ to see what other people are feeling and maybe how they manage their own intrusive thoughts. They can provide techniques that work for them to help cope while settling your anxiety that YES, this is normal. NO, you are not alone. 

After all, people helping people is what Throw™ is all about.

Get Expert Advice In Record Time 

By now, it’s clear that asking an expert is always preferred over asking a generalist. 

Asking Throw™’s anonymous platform of experts enables you to access a goldmine of reliable advice, insight, and feedback faster than ever before. Find a diverse group of experts with a wealth of knowledge on Throw™. Get expert advice without fear of embarrassment, judgment, or negativity, knowing that all users are welcome and no question is too big! 

Experience the difference of asking an expert today. Download Throw™ from your preferred app store: 

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