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How to Ask, and Answer, Questions on an Online Q&A App

Throw™’s Q&A app offers people a positive and dynamic community to ask questions privately, safely, and securely. Our technology delivers a platform for users to get paid for what they know, making answering questions on the Throw™ Mobile App a great side hustle opportunity.

The good news? Launching a side hustle with the Throw™ online Q&A is really straightforward — we’ve designed our entire platform to ensure ease of use with our participants. But despite the system’s ease of use, we understand that going into the process armed with a little extra insight is never a bad thing, especially when starting a side hustle to earn extra income. 

So, here are four ways to plan for success using an online Q&A app to help make the Throw™ experience even better as a Catcher.

When building your online Q&A app side hustle, it’s important to: 

Set Healthy Boundaries 

The financial reward of a side hustle is always thrilling. However, getting burned out with a part-time gig is always possible. One of the biggest benefits of using the Throw™ Mobile App is that there is no minimum time commitment to participate. You are in complete control of your schedule based on your lifestyle, needs and preferences — take advantage of that! Set healthy boundaries on when and how often you’ll offer answers to ensure the best user experience possible. 

Lean Into the Community

Sure, technically, the Throw™ Mobile App is an online Q&A App, and it is anonymous — but we also offer users a thriving digital community where members are valued, and negativity is not condoned. Connecting with other Throw™ users, contacting other relevant community members, and getting inspiration from other participants can all help you make the most out of your Throw™ engagement.

Find Your Niche

The Throw™ Mobile App allows Throwers to ask questions across a wide range of topics, interests, and disciplines. Business, school assignments, relationships, parenting, and technical inquiries — these are just a few of the many categories that could be filtered as a specific audience. Describing yourself and the topics you know about will increase your chances of being matched to questions you have the most insight on as well as offer the best chance to improve your overall score. During your onboarding, be as extensive and precise as possible. The more attributes (not identity-related — it is an anonymous platform) you provide about yourself, the more the platform will work in your favor. 

Have Fun

Most importantly, Throw™ is different from other online Q&A apps. We’ve designed our digital platform to be a place where participants can enjoy themselves. So, use your time on the Throw™ Mobile App to simply be yourself, have fun and enjoy our online community.

Part of enjoying a full Throw Mobile App experience is making sure you’re not afraid to ask questions yourself. Being a Catcher is great, but being a Thrower offers another opportunity for users to connect and have fun as well! Don't forget to try catching and throwing on the app. 

Curious? Dare to know — Download Throw™ to start earning today. 

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