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Four Positive App Alternatives to Twitter

You’ve probably already heard that Twitter has received a lot of attention and criticism over the last several months. The company has found itself under a microscope due largely in part to billionaire Tesla owner (aka one of the world’s richest people), Elon Musk taking over the social media giant. However, beyond the scrutiny of its new leader, Twitter has also been under fire for other reasons, including misinformation surrounding political elections and for not making an effort to provide a positive, safe experience for its users. 

What does this mean for Twitter users? For many, Twitter’s recent upheavals and perceived transgressions have prompted users to opt out of the platform entirely and flock to other online alternatives. 

Does that sound like you? If you’re looking for a platform for advice, information, news, and positive, useful answers to your questions, take a look at these four app alternatives to Twitter: 


There was a time when Twitter was the number one source for minute-by-minute updates on breaking news. However, in a world often spackled with Twitter misinformation, journalists are desperate for a platform that is consistently factual. Information on Twitter has become both unreliable and extremely negative, often making journalists feel unsafe. Mastodon is a new, decentralized, open-source social media platform built by journalists, for journalists. Mastodon is the brainchild of NYT & New Yorker journalist Adam Davidson who launched the platform because, “It felt scary to imagine a world where false verification would reign.” 


If you turn to Twitter for answers to all of life’s questions, the best alternative for you is Throw™.  Throw™ is built on the concept of constructive, unbiased, and useful information. While many believe Twitter has morphed into a platform for falsely verified bots and negativity, Throw™ is a place users can come for positive answers from real people. The Throw™ Mobile App was designed to be a place for humans to connect with humans. And, unlike other Q&A-based platforms, the ultimate goal of Throw™ is to help and be helped. As a result, the app rejects negative content entirely, fostering a space for only good vibes. 

Hive Social 

Hive Social wants to rebuild the social aspect you love from Twitter, and eliminate all the negativity, by using a fully chronological feed that is not driven by the dreaded algorithms. Hive is mostly photo-driven (think Instagram or Tumblr), which the platform believes cuts down on misinformation and the spreading of malicious content. They may be onto something. Hive is becoming increasingly popular, jumping to #1 in the Apple App Store — Free Social App category. 


Post was founded by former Waze CEO Noam Bardin and aims to bring together news and social media — making it the most similar platform to Twitter. Like Throw™, Post wants to eliminate the negativity of Twitter and create a positive environment to debate, ask questions, get advice, and network within a community. One significant way Post differs from Twitter? Length of posts on Post are not limited. 

Twitter is Not for Everyone — Find the Right Social Media Platform for You 

Twitter continues to make news and generate negativity. As a result, users everywhere are choosing to move to another platform and put their trust in moderators who will actually moderate. When searching for alternatives to Twitter, ask yourself what is most important to you and make decisions based on what you prioritize most — you may have more options than you realize. 

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