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Ask Anything: The Q&A Platform for Humans

Imagine a safe place to ask anything, even your most burning questions — no matter how awkward or embarrassing you think they might be. That’s what Throw™ is for! Whether you want to ask for relationship advice, professional help, parenting help, or controversial questions, Throw™ is the Q&A resource you’ve been searching for. 

Ask Anything in a Safe Space

Throw™ is completely anonymous so users feel safe and comfortable as they ask whatever questions that come to mind. The platform is moderated by humans — never by AI bots — so it is always a fair and secure space. Because Throw™ provides a space for humans to answer any questions you ask, you never have to worry about irrelevant answers from a bot with only simulated experience with what you are going through. 

Throw™ is simple; ask your question, select the response media format, select how many answers you’d like to receive, and then get your responses! 

Throw™ users are curious, inquisitive and engaging. The community is centered around the values of curiosity, respect and empathy. 

This is a place where humans can interact positively with other humans without worrying about trolls, bullies and bots. If you share these values, you belong on Throw™!

What Questions Do You Have?

This is truly the place to ask anything. If you’re a new mom and you’re wondering what methods to use to get your infant to sleep, ask people on Throw™! 

If you have an issue with your partner and don't want to reveal this to your inner circle but would still like some advice, ask Throw™.

If you’re curious to know what people are thinking about Donald Trump’s latest scandal, ask Throw™.

If you have more sensitive questions to ask, Throw™ is here to protect your identity and give you the supportive community you’ve been looking for. Users can ask about everything from how to minimize smelly body odor to how to get more responses to dating profiles. 

At Throw™ there’s no judgement and people at Throw™ are always here to help!

Try It Yourself: Ask Anything

One of the best uses of Throw™ is that you get to live your life with no hesitation when you have all of your questions answered with ease. 

It’s time to try Throw™ and ask away to your heart’s content. Download the app today: 

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