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Throw™’s Community Jury – How We Keep Content Helpful and Inclusive

At Throw™, we proudly say we are an online platform for and by the people. The very heart of our mobile app rests in building and supporting an online community of people who come together and collaborate to help each other find answers to virtually any question all while communicating respectfully. We love having a space where people drive the conversation, and we make it our top priority to maintain a platform free of bullies, trolls, incomplete answers, and unhelpful and/or fake content. 

Put simply: Negative content is not allowed and bad vibes in general need not apply in our uplifting and educational community. Instead, Throw™ works hard to ensure content is informative, inclusive, and supportive. 

The Jury That Drives Our For/By The People Platform

As part of our efforts to achieve a positive and thriving community, Throw™ assigns democratic power to its users. Users themselves become a “jury” whose role is to review and validate any inappropriate, unhelpful, hurtful, hateful content from time to time. First, inappropriate content is flagged by users on the platform. From there, it’s presented to a different group of users that act as a blind jury and  vote on whether or not the content is in fact what it has been tagged for. If so, the user responsible automatically faces consequences that can go up to being permanently banned from the platform. 

With these two simple steps, Throw™ places all the power and authority in the hands of our trusted community members. Even better, at Throw™ we don’t just empower people who contribute to make the community safer — we also compensate them while doing so.

Three Strikes And You’re Out of The Throw™ Community

What happens to content deemed inappropriate for our online Q&A platform? When someone’s content is determined to be unworthy of Throw™’s high standards, the post author receives a warning and the content is immediately censored. Once a user receives three warnings, that person is banned from the community. It’s just one of the many ways Throw™ maintains a healthy and inclusive environment. 

Other Ways Throw™ Protects Users and Delivers a Platform Where People Can Be Free

Our “blind jury” process isn’t the only way that Throw™ protects users. We also leverage several other best practices on our site so people can be free and most importantly, people can feel safe. 

Throw™ also protects our Throwers and Catchers by:

Protecting Our Users’ Privacy

Throw™ values our users’ privacy and we make it our mission to protect it. The platform allows Throw™ers and Catchers to ask and answer questions anonymously to ensure they feel safe at all times.

Ensuring No Judgment Zone

The platform is built in a way that even though you may receive a judgemental or negative answer every now and then, tagging it as such will allow us to filter people that contribute negatively and thus providing ever better answers specifically for you every time.

Proving That Kindness Matters

We do not just take into account and punish people that contribute negatively but we incentivize people that are consistently engaging in a kind, generous, positive, helpful and empathetic way. We want those people to feel fulfilled at Throw and stay. 

Promoting a Bot-Free Community

Most importantly, Throw™ promotes human-to-human contact. You’ll never have to worry about bots answering your questions. We rely solely on real humans to answer questions.

Throw™ Offers a Thriving Online Environment For People Looking for an Alternative to Social Media

People often have big, really mixed-feelings about social media. For many people, social media can feel overwhelming, daunting, and even unsafe. Others may experience sensory and information overload when spending time on most platforms–but Throw™ was created with all this in mind. Now there is a safe and comfortable place for people to find information without the threat of rude comments, and there is healthy moderation in place to make sure it stays this way.

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