Read full post: Introverts Unite: Throw™ Offers a Relaxed, Anti Social-Media Experience

Introverts Unite: Throw™ Offers a Relaxed, Anti Social-Media Experience

At Throw™, we celebrate introverts everywhere. We know you, we see you, we are you! We also recognize that being an introvert is kind of like being a snowflake — no two are exactly alike.

There are a lot of variations and degrees of introversion. Some of us are introverted thinkers, some of us find ourselves more introverted in social situations, and others may find ourselves situationally introverted, just taking it all in on a case-by-case basis. 

Sometimes Social Media Can Feel a Bit Too Social

Introversion brings with it a lot of benefits. Recent research and reports reveal that introverts:

  • Think more
  • Focus longer
  • Are often “gifted” in a specific field
  • Are less swayed by external events and pressures

The advantages to introversion are numerous. However, there are important considerations for the most introspective and contemplative among us, especially when navigating social media. 

Yes, social media can start to feel a little too social for anyone. Even extroverts can sometimes feel exhausted trying to keep up with everything on a particular online channel. But for many introverts, social media can sometimes feel overwhelming, challenging, or even downright daunting. 

We created the Throw™ mobile app with all of this in mind.

Throw™ Mobile App: Find the Right Engagement Level for You

Throw™'s online Q&A app is designed as a place for people to engage in whatever way makes them feel comfortable, making it a welcoming place for introverts. Here are just some of the many reasons why introverts love the Throw™ mobile app. 

Throw™ Values Anonymity

One of the biggest challenges with social media is that people can feel extremely exposed on their own pages. Users can feel that, in order to participate in any way, they have to overshare. If that sounds like your current online experience, Throw™'s question-and-answer platform will change the way you build an online community. Throw™ provides a 100% anonymous space to connect, collaborate, and communicate with others throughout its online community. Our anonymous platform allows any of our Throwers to ask questions that may be private or sensitive without having to reveal their identity. 

Throw™ is the ONLY Anti Social-Media Platform

Throw™ prides itself on being the anti social-media community— we have made it our mission to create a digital experience unlike any other platform. Why? Because we know that sometimes social media pages can feel like an obligation, a responsibility, a demanding full-time job. Yes, you can use Throw™ as a side hustle to make extra cash, but unlike most jobs, you’re the boss at all times. The Throw™ mobile app offers a flexible, no-pressure environment where both Throwers and Catchers can make the ultimate decision on how much or how little time they want to spend asking and answering questions within our community. Added benefit for introverts: you can run your Throw™ side hustle anywhere, which means you can earn more with the app without ever leaving the house.

Positive Vibes Only 

Sensory and information overload is something that a lot of introverts need to consider when spending time online. Throw™ is committed to creating and upholding a positive, thriving online environment where people feel engaged, encouraged, and respected.

Our relaxed vibe makes it easy for our introverts (and everyone else, really) to hit their groove, find answers, and have fun using the Throw™ mobile app. 

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