Read full post: Six Ways a Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Six Ways a Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Mental Health


Today’s uncertain economy proves a constant source of stress, worry, and anxiety for many of us. Rising inflation and a pending recession mean that even with a full-time job, it can be tough to make ends meet and still have a little left over for fun. 

Enter the side hustle. 

Webster’s Dictionary defines a side hustle as “work performed for income supplementary to one's primary job.” A broad definition to describe a phenomenon that is not only gaining momentum in the U.S. but can also fall under a wide range of categories for tech-savvy workers, including:

  • Online / social media
  • Gig work
  • Online shops
  • Freelancing

The move to remote in response to the global pandemic has made the side hustle a viable option for many workers throughout the United States. In fact, recent statistics show that as many as 93% of Americans have a side hustle to supplement income made at their main job in 2022. 

The Impact of Side Hustles on Mental Health and Wellness

The financial impacts of a side hustle are clear. However, many people are surprised to learn that a part-time gig does more than elevate overall household income — it can also elevate overall mental health and wellness. Here are six ways working a side hustle can benefit your mental health. 

  1. Help People
    Many side hustles, like the Throw™ Mobile App, are intrinsically designed to provide a service or assistance to someone in need, putting the worker in a unique position to help people. There are countless studies based on how helping people actually improves mental health, including making you feel connected to others, promoting generosity, and instilling a sense of purpose. Throughout the Throw™ community, Catchers are able to share what they know with Throwers, providing the information they need for real-life applications.

  2. Improve Mood / Self Esteem
    A side hustle can also increase feelings of productivity and accomplishment, improving our mood and overall confidence. Productivity can even help increase dopamine levels for an extra positive mood boost.

  3. Do What You Love
    A side hustle offers an excellent opportunity to explore your interests, talents, and passions in ways often not offered with your main job. Research shows that pursuing our passions lowers stress and contributes to greater happiness overall.

  4. Have a Creative Outlet
    Many side hustles allow workers to tap into their creativity. Creativity drives positive emotions, reduces stress impact, lowers anxiety, and can even improve immune system function.

  5. Establish Routine / Balance
    Working a side hustle puts you in complete control of your schedule. You can decide when you’ll work based on your preferences and lifestyle. Having this type of control and autonomy allows you to create a routine that prioritizes work/life balance — a key component of mental health and wellness.

  6. Lower Stress and Anxiety
    As we’ve already mentioned, almost everyone is feeling the economic pressure these days. A side hustle can directly reduce financial woes. Lowering stress levels delivers a wide range of benefits, including a better mood and better sleep — all of which can directly contribute to better mental health and wellness.

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