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Harnessing Happiness: Exploring Mental Health with Throw

Throw can provide a safe, anonymous, supportive mental health forum for anyone interested in learning more about their emotional, psychological, and social well being. The importance of maintaining strong mental health and wellness is becoming more widely recognized, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to talk about. According to the Harvard Business Review, Gen Zs and Millennials listed mental health at the top of their priorities, but the study also showed that there is still a stigma surrounding mental health at the workplace, and most people are concerned about disclosing issues to their bosses. Throw is here to help support the conversation.

What Questions Can I Ask About Mental Health?

With Throw™’s positive, respectful, and community-driven platform, anyone interested in learning more about mental health can ask as many questions as they’d like, anonymously. For users who need it, Throw™ can serve as a private and safe anxiety forum with a space to ask even the most sensitive or difficult questions, no matter what they might be. Users can ask questions like:

  • What should I do if I feel stressed at work?
  • What are good ways to care for my mental health?
  • Should I see a therapist?
  • What are the symptoms of anxiety?
  • How does a mental health issue present itself?

But our community isn’t limited in what they can ask. If someone wants to go into detail about a specific issue or event and then ask for advice, they can. They can also ask the questions they might be too hesitant to ask anywhere else, even to close friends and family. While seeking professional help from licensed therapists and psychiatrists is always recommended, Throw™ can be a place to get peer support in between therapy sessions. Peer support is not medical treatment — but it can be just as impactful! Talk to a community of peers for additional insight from a community that 1) listens 2) is supportive and empathetic and 3) suggests ideas or solutions that work for you. The Wall Street Journal was quoted saying:

Peer counselors, who provide a supportive ear and not actual therapy, relieve some of the demand on the licensed therapists at campus counseling center[s]. 

People are seeking help from a growing range of alternatives. 

Throw™ is that alternative! 

The Benefits of Mental Health Forums

Online mental health forums are important; according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, online forums are a great way for people to bridge social and geographic isolation to form connections, seek advice, and benefit from support. Improving mental health can mean an improvement to how we respond to stressors, how we relate to friends, family, and coworkers, and how we make choices that are healthy for us. 

Online mental health forums are especially beneficial for people who live in remote areas or work in places where speaking about mental health is not yet supported. In fact, the study showed that the best places to receive this kind of online community support were forums that were appropriately moderated—just like Throw™. 

At Throw™, the platform is moderated to ensure a fair and safe environment, so while many people might be worried about discussing mental health in a work environment, they don’t need to be worried here. Answers that don’t follow the guidelines for positive, honest, supportive content are flagged and removed if found in violation of Throw™’s standards. 

Why Throw™?

Mental health is something that affects all of us. According to, more than 50 million Americans have concerns regarding their mental health, and mental health illnesses are found across gender, race, religion, and socioeconomic groups. Having a safe, respectful forum to ask questions about such an important topic is important to Throw™. 

Throw™ provides a safe space for people to learn about mental health while also helping others. This shared community experience can be a positive, uplifting, even cathartic way to spread awareness for an issue that is important to all of us. It’s human nature to want to find others that understand and empathize with us; Throw™ provides the platform to do exactly that. 

Download Throw™ from your preferred app store now to join the community and start asking and answering those pertinent mental health questions today.