Read full post: Four Ways Throw Is the Uber of Question and Answer Apps

Four Ways Throw Is the Uber of Question and Answer Apps

When it comes to choosing the right side hustle, some gigs definitely have more name recognition and general popularity than others. Uber typically ranks high on the popularity scale for U.S. workers looking for a part-time job, for a wide range of reasons. People love using the ride-share app to take charge of their schedules and put extra cash in their pockets. Recent reports show there are approximately one million Uber drivers in the U.S. alone, further proving the validity of the world’s biggest ride-share gig as a viable way to drive (pun intended) extra income to their household bottom lines. 

Yes, It’s Possible to Start a Side House Without Leaving the House 

Sure, Uber offers an excellent side hustle opportunity. But what about those who want to make money from the comfort of their own keyboard? Enter the Throw™ Mobile App. The Throw™ Mobile App delivers an ideal solution for workers seeking the financial reward of a side hustle without ever having to leave the house.

Here are four ways Throw™ is the Uber for Question and Answer side hustles: 

  1. Get Paid Helping People
    Uber offers an opportunity for drivers to get paid while providing a service to riders; they essentially earn money by helping others. Throw™ does the same thing. As if getting paid for what you know isn’t enough — our Catchers get paid for helping our Throwers by providing answers to their questions on our safe, private, and secure site.

  2. Make Your Own Schedule
    One of the biggest benefits of Uber is that drivers only work when it works for their schedule, lifestyle, and preference. Same with Throw™. There are no minimum commitments or requirements. You can work as much or as little as you like. Simply log on when you have some free time, answer questions, and get paid.

  3. Build Your Reputation Within the Community
    Like the ride-share giant, Throw™ offers our Catchers an opportunity to build their street cred within our online community. Giving sound answers and valuable insight to Throwers is a great way to build your reputation (and overall ranking) as a valid resource to our question-askers.

  4. Earn As Much As You Want
    Uber doesn’t have a cap on how much individual drivers can earn — and neither do we. There’s no limit to how much money you can make answering questions in our community. 

The Throw™ Mobile App Isn’t Exactly Like Uber

Of course, no two businesses are alike — and while we do have some striking similarities in our business model, it’s important to note that we aren’t exactly like Uber. For example, driving an Uber has a lot of upfront costs to consider, starting with things like having a car. Plus, drivers are responsible for gas, wear and tear, and other incidentals. 

The Throw™ Mobile App is free – you simply need an Internet connection and a smart device to log in and start earning.

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