Read full post: Throw Mobile App vs Reddit — A Q&A Comparison

Throw Mobile App vs Reddit — A Q&A Comparison

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Reddit Threads Can Take a Certain Tone

We recently came across this question on a Reddit thread: 

Why are teachers being allowed to use AI to grade papers, without actually reading it, but students get in trouble for generating it, without actually writing it?

This particular question got a lot of attention, garnering over 1,900 comments. 

Some of the answers were definitely thoughtful: 

Teachers should NOT use it to grade. I have used it to create a draft of my feedback to student writing after I have read their writing and formulated my own ideas. It allows me to provide useful feedback to class work about a week earlier than usual, which helps the students as much as it helps me.

But teachers are ultimately responsible and accountable for the grades they give and shouldn’t delegate that work to others, including AI.

However, a lot of the responses to the Original Poster (OP) felt unhelpful: 

OP should write an essay on it and ask chatgpt to grade it.


It's hard to remember, sometimes, but the jobs of "teacher" and "student" are actually different jobs.


You seem to be fundamentally missing the point of education

And whatever this is: 

S!@t, if thats the case being a student is the worst job I've ever had. $50,000 in debt and an STD to boot.

The Impact of a Negative Online Q&A Experience

It wasn’t just that the comments were negative about the topic — a lot of the comments were negative and directed at the Original Poster

At some point, the feedback became overwhelming, prompting the OP to edit his original question with the following: 

Edit because this is blowing up.

I'm not a student, or teacher.

I'm just wondering why teachers and students can't work together using AI , and it has to be this "taboo" thing.

That's at least what I have observed from the outside looking in.

All of you 100% missed my point!

"I feel the child is getting short changed on both ends. By generating papers with chatGPT, and having their paper graded by chatGPT, you never actually get a humans opinion on your work."

I really had the child's best interest in mind but you all are so fast to attack someone....You people who don't want healthy discourse are the problem.

Throw Mobile App Offers a Safer Place to Ask and Engage

We recently posted the exact question on the Throw mobile app to have a comparison of our community to the Reddit forum:

Why are teachers being allowed to use AI to grade papers, without actually reading it, but students get in trouble for generating it, without actually writing it?

Dozens of Catchers weighed in, with helpful and thoughtful answers:

  • The AI can catch if it’s plagiarized, whereas the student creating it isn’t really creating it if they use AI.
  • At this point, hiring or getting help from an AI really makes their work easier and AI helps students better themselves at school.
  • Bc they have so many papers to test.
  • I feel as though they shouldn’t and stick with the standard of grading papers.
  • I think the basis is that teachers have already learned the information and students are still learning. But I do believe that neither student or teacher should use AI this way.
  • I don’t have a clue but you make a good point!
  • That is a good question! It should go both ways.

Throw is a Community of Humans Answering Humans

And while most of the answers were positive, insightful, and informative, it’s important to remember that on the Throw mobile app, we are a community of humans answering humans — we never rely on bots to provide responses. And as we all know, humans have lots of big thoughts, opinions, and feelings, which can (and often do) get conveyed anywhere, even on Throw: 

  • Because most students are idiots. Don’t feel bad most adults will tend to be as you get older as well.
  • The main reason being you won’t learn anything. We tend to be slowly falling more and more twords “Idiocracy”
  • Most teachers are over worked and underpaid. They should be allowed a short cut to make it easier for them to find time to relax. They already paid and most are still paying to deal with you (Clearly my grammar teacher failed me (then again no AI))
  • Idiocracy — not just a great movie.

Throw Moderators Put Online Power Where it Belongs — With Users

It’s definitely not the most negative online response we have ever read, but it’s also not the most encouraging or uplifting one we’ve seen either. On most online forums, the only recourse readers would have is to “scroll” by and move on to the next answer. 

But here is where the Throw mobile app stands head and shoulders ahead of other online question and answer forums. 

Every Throw answer has a “Report” button that allows Throwers to send negative or inappropriate answers to our moderation process. Once reported, the response will be assessed by a panel of other Throw users to ensure our community remains positive, healthy, and safe for all. 

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