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The Link Between Social Support and Mental Health

Researchers have studied the correlation between social support networks and improvements in mental health for decades. A study published in the National Library of Medicine showed that communities or groups can help people better manage stressful situations, give them a more positive outlook, and reduce feelings of anxiety. These communities or groups can be in-person or online; positive and safe online communities like Throw™'s can be a great resource for people wanting answers to their mental health questions. 

Social Support Resources, Including Mental Health Forums

People interested in learning more about their mental health and how to improve how they feel often turn to close friends and family, and they can also utilize professional practices, hospitals, therapy groups, and online forums. Places like counseling centers are great resources for in-person work, while online mental health forums and anxiety forums are also recognized as helpful options for people looking to strengthen their mental health. 

Throw™ allows users to remain anonymous while asking questions they want answered, including questions about their mental and emotional well-being. Throw has zero tolerance for online bullying or ridicule and promotes a safe and positive experience for its users. 

Throw™ users can ask about anything, including questions concerning mental health, such as:

  • Signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Coping mechanisms and tips to manage anxiety and mental health issues
  • How anxiety and depression affect relationships and sexual health
  • If work productivity is harmed by poor mental health
  • How to parent a child struggling with mental health issues
  • How to support friends or family with mental health concerns

But Throw™ doesn’t limit the questions to those topics; people turn to Throw™ all the time with questions they don’t want to ask anywhere else. Sometimes, they feel embarrassed or ashamed to turn to friends and family with these questions, and many people have topics they don’t even want to discuss with therapists. Throw™ provides a safe space to ask anything, with the added security that all users will remain anonymous. 

The Importance of Online Mental Health Forums

Many people are noticing an uptick in mental health awareness and say it is mostly due to mental health campaigns headed by notable actors and public figures as well as less stigma among younger generations to discuss it openly. However, not everyone feels comfortable talking about mental health in public forums, like at work or with friends. As a result, many people go online to find answers to their mental health questions. 

According to Mental Health America, there was a nearly 500 percent increase in the number of people looking online for help with their mental health. Many of them were younger people between the ages of 11 and 17 years old, but many were adults as well. People turning to online resources wasn’t the only number to increase; there was also an overall increase in the number of people experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues since COVID-19 began. Mental Health America also shared these statistics:

  • There was an increase in people reporting thoughts of suicide and self-harm; in fact, it was the highest recorded number since Mental Health American began screening in 2014
  • Parents and young people were particularly at risk of screening positive for anxiety and depression issues, and many reported suffering emotional and behavioral problems as well as PTSD and psychotic-like episodes during COVID-19
  • People reported struggling most with loneliness and isolation

While therapists are available for online services, including individual and group services like anxiety forums, many people turn to the internet to get their questions answered before they seek professional help. They also use the internet between therapy sessions to get more in-depth answers and to get feedback from communities where others have similar issues or can shed some light on sensitive topics. Throw™ offers the space for people to ask their questions and get feedback from a supportive online community.

Download Throwfrom your preferred app store to begin asking your most pressing mental health questions today.