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Add More Jingle To Your Pockets: Earn Money with Throw™

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, there’s no better time to explore new avenues of joy, especially when thinking about your finances. 

Boost your bank account and add more holiday cheer with Throw™, where earning money is as effortless as “catching” a virtual opportunity. Now, enjoy even more opportunities to earn with features like answering surveys inside of the platform. 

Let Throw™ be your go-to companion for turning spare moments into a lucrative side hustle while you help others find answers to their important questions. 

Unwrapping the Gift of Earning from Home

Picking up a lucrative side hustle can certainly be a blessing this holiday season. With lots of presents to buy and events to attend, it’s normal for the budget to be a bit tighter at the end of the year. Instead of getting anxious about this, why not download Throw™ on your phone and start earning?

Many people consider picking up hours at their local stores, babysitting, or even selling handmade goods for extra cash. However, these jobs can be time-consuming and take away from previous family time. Earning from home means you can work from the comfort of your couch — even in your favorite Christmas PJs!

With Throw™, there’s no need to leave the house, no time-consuming onboarding events, and no tools needed except for your cell phone. You can also say goodbye to lengthy job searches and stressful interviews. 

Throw™ offers an easy and fast way to make money and turn your extra time into valuable currency. With a quick payout system and unlimited opportunities to “catch” questions and make money, Throw™ is your perfect companion for this holiday season.

How Does Throw™ Work?

It’s as simple as Q&A—without online bullying, trolls, or other nuisances. The Throw™ community is filled with people looking to help one another in a positive, uplifting, supportive way. “Throw™ers” ask their questions inside the app and then select some “Catchers” to provide answers. 

Throw™ers are not limited to what they can ask; the community often sees questions about relationships, careers, family, education, traveling, and more. Because community members maintain their anonymity at all times, many people ask questions they might feel uncomfortable asking anywhere else. They bring these questions to Throw™ so they can get the answers they are looking for without the embarrassment of having to ask in person—or deal with online trolls that they might find in other places. Catchers come from a variety of different cultural and educational backgrounds, making the community robust and able to support a variety of topics and questions. Here are some questions recently asked:

  • How do you help your significant other cope with losing family?
  • What do you think about polyamory and non-monogamous relationships?
  • How do you know when it’s time to move on from a relationship?
  • How do you perform self-care?
  • Why do addicts relapse?
  • How old was Beethoven when he died?

Interested in participating in the community either as a Throw™er, a Catcher, or both? 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the Throw™ mobile app
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Select “catch” and fill in your basic information
  4. Start catching and earning!

Unlimited “Catching” Opportunities

The philosophy at Throw™ is that earning potential should be as limitless as the festive spirit during the holidays. Whether you’re seeing a steady side income or aiming to splurge on an extra-special gift for a loved one, Throw™ can help. 

Built-In Throw Surveys Add Variety To Your Side Hustle

But answering Throw™ers’ questions isn’t the only way you can earn. As Throw™ evolves to meet the dynamic needs of its users, a new and exciting feature has been introduced. Now, Catchers have the chance to answer built-in surveys for even more catching opportunities. These surveys not only add a layer of variety to your side hustle but also present an easy way to boost your earnings. 

We’re always looking for ways to help our users stay engaged, share their knowledge, and earn more money while they’re at it.  

And let’s face it—a side hustle can also give you that excuse to take some time away if you get overwhelmed by family this season [note to link the holiday stress blog here]. It’s the perfect excuse to have some quiet time, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and cozy on the couch as you answer questions on your phone. 

Add Some Extra Jingle to Your Holiday Season Today

Throw™ isn’t just an app; it’s a community. It is a way to get your questions answered, earn money from a fun side hustle, and spread holiday cheer by helping others and answering their questions. Embrace the magic of the season by downloading Throw™ today and see what you can do armed with just your smartphone.

Let Throw™ be your festive sidekick, turn your spare time into money, and add some abundance to your holiday season. Download Throw™ today!

Happy catching!

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