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Answers to Your Most Burning Questions – Without The Trolls

Need relationship advice but worried about posting online for countless others to see? Interested in mental health topics but not sure whether you’ll get bullied for asking your question in a public forum? 

Every day, people turn to the internet to find information they need about a variety of topics, including politics, careers, sports, health, and family. However, asking questions in most online forums comes with a risk of getting junk answers or receiving hateful comments and even threats from bullies and trolls. It can also be awkward or invasive to have your identify attached to questions and information you would have preferred to keep private. 

Throw Provides a No-Judgement Online Space for Throwers and Catchers

Throw offers a safe space to ask questions without fear of judgment. The platform is anonymous, honest, unbiased, safe and secure. It provides a positive experience for its users by removing any rude, offensive or unhelpful content as quickly as possible. It is a community of people coming together to help each other and communicate together. 

Search engines and voice assistants might give you some answers. But they don’t always get it right—and they also don’t offer the real life experience like another human being can. Throw helps humans communicate with humans for a more personalized interaction. Additionally, users on our question and answer platform who offer thorough, insightful, and helpful responses can receive cash, making the experience more rewarding to everyone involved.

What You Can Expect on the Throw Question and Answer Platform

Throw’s positive and dynamic community setting offers:

  • Anonymity so people can ask questions with no hesitation
  • No limit on questions you can ask and answer
  • Real people communicating together without bots
  • Ability to share your wisdom and experience
  • Cash rewards for helpful answers
  • No negative content or bad vibes
  • A thriving digital community to connect with others

There’s No Limits On What Users Can Ask on the Throw Mobile App

Most importantly, there really is no limit on what you can ask on the Throw Mobile app. Our Throwers can ask questions across a wide range of topics, including about mental health, relationships, parenting, embarrassing situations, market research, product feedback and more. Learn more and download the free app today.

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